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Welcome to Orton Gillingham Mama and thank you for your interest in my blog. In my blog, I write about all things related to the science of reading and reading instruction. I hope that you will follow my blog (at the bottom of this page) and learn alongside me about phonics, the science of reading, and best practices in reading instruction. Are you looking for resources to teach reading? Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Orton Gillingham Mama, for all my resources related to Structured Literacy.

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Assessing Reading

It is the beginning of the school year, and we are eager to see how our students read and what skills we need to teach them.  How do we accomplish both?  We do so with a comprehensive reading assessment that covers all skills needed for reading.  Science of Reading and a Reading Assessment               Continue reading “Assessing Reading”

Myths About Phonics Instruction

PHONICS INSTRUCTION There are long-standing myths about phonics instruction. Keeping these myths alive (and thus keeping phonics instruction from our students!) undermines a student’s reading acquisition. As educators, we must constantly look to the current research and adjust our instruction accordingly. Remember, although there are many different ways to TEACH reading, science continually reminds usContinue reading “Myths About Phonics Instruction”

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