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Welcome to Orton Gillingham Mama and thank you for your interest in my blog. In my blog, I write about all things related to the science of reading and reading instruction. I hope that you will follow my blog (at the bottom of this page) and learn alongside me about phonics, the science of reading, and best practices in reading instruction. Are you looking for resources to teach reading? Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Orton Gillingham Mama, for all my resources related to Structured Literacy.

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Science of Reading Myths

It is a new year and I hope you will join me in learning more about the science of reading.  Our journey should not be one of confirming what we already know about reading or validating our experiences.  Instead, consider what it would mean to change your approach to reading instruction based on scientific facts. …

Assessing Reading

It is the beginning of the school year, and we are eager to see how our students read and what skills we need to teach them.  How do we accomplish both?  We do so with a comprehensive reading assessment that covers all skills needed for reading.  Science of Reading and a Reading Assessment               …

Word Ladders

Word Ladders (sometimes called word chains) are a powerful way to connect phonemic awareness and phonics.

Orthographic Mapping

Orthographic mapping is a process and not a skill. There are instructional practices and skills that promote orthographic mapping.

Orton Gillingham Lesson-Part 2

In the first part of an Orton Gillingham lesson we practice phonemic awareness, blending, and letter-sound correspondence. After that, it is crucial that students review and reinforce previously learned skills.  The student must also learn new information and practice this new skill in their reading and writing. Concepts taught and reviewed cover ALL strands of…

Orton Gillingham Lesson

This is Part 1 of a series of posts about what is included in an Orton Gillingham lesson plan. Many assume an Orton Gillingham lesson only includes phonics. While explicit instruction of many phonics skills is a large part of an OG lesson, a quality lesson covers SO many more aspects of our language. This…

Orton Gillingham Principles

Orton Gillingham is an approach and not a program.  It is a systematic approach to teaching literacy to individuals for whom reading, writing, and spelling do not come easily. Many of these individuals have dyslexia, but many others can benefit from the structured literacy approach as well.  In the hands of a well-trained Orton tutor,…

Phonemic Awareness or Phonological?

The terms “phonological awareness” and “phonemic awareness” are often confused with one another. Yes, they sound the same and they both involve the spoken parts of language. However, they are not only distinct, but you may be surprised to learn when and how you should teach each of them. Important Terms to Understand: Phonemes are…


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