Science of Reading Resources

I want to share Orton Gillingham, Structured Literacy, and science of reading resources tools and resources with you. I am a Fellow in Training with the Orton Gillingham Academy and there is so much to learn about the English language. I hope that you will check back often to learn more about phonics, spelling, orthographic mapping, sight words, reading, AND MORE! If you have questions, please reach out to me.

How-to Videos for Reading Fluency:

Blending Card Deck: Phoneme Blending for Word Reading Fluency

Check out this video that shows how to assemble and use a blending card deck. You can find a more detailed explanation and the same blending card deck here (with all the phonemes needed for blending)!

How-to Videos for Sight Words and Orthographic Mapping:

How to Turn High Frequency Words into Sight Words

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to explicitly teach any word to become a sight word. You can check out the resources I used in my TPT page Orton Gillingham Mama and my blog post about teaching sight words.

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