Change This to That- Word Lists for Word Chains


230 Word chain lists for ENDLESS phonemic awareness and phonics spelling.  Includes phonics word lists for short vowels, consonant blends, and silent-e words. Help your students master phonemic awareness and phonics spelling patterns!  Print-and-go to save valuable time!



Do your students add or delete letters when spelling? Then this Word Chains is a MUST-HAVE resource for you!

  • This word chains resource includes all the lists you will need to practice phonemic awareness: phoneme manipulation.
  • Lead your students through changing ONE phoneme at a time as they spell the new words (phonics level) or manipulate the sounds (phonemic level).
    • **For example, teacher says: Spell cat. (cat). Change the /t/ to /b/ (cab). Now change the /a/ to /u/ (cub).

Word chains lists for the following phonics skills:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • Short i
  • Short o
  • Short u
  • CVC (mixed short vowels)
  • Beginning blends
  • Final blends
  • Silent e (Vce)

This Word Chains Phonics resource also includes:

  • elkonin boxes
  • phoneme manipulation mats
  • phoneme grapheme mapping spelling sheets
  • ladder spelling sheets
  • interactive ways to use the lists!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at BEFORE purchasing. I will reply to you in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your positive ratings and comments on this product!

The power of these word ladders: my students love them, they are organized by skill, print and go! Thank you for creating!
I love this resource!! I use these with my students for both phonemic awareness and orthographic mapping. Easy to use and a great warm-up for a small-group reading instruction.

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