Word Family Bundle – Short Vowel CVC


Over 400 pages of no prep CVC short vowel word family worksheets.  Bring a multisensory approach to teaching reading and spelling to your students with these CVC activities for morning work, small groups, or independent work!


Over 400 pages of NO PREP CVC Short vowel word family worksheets & activities. Multisensory reading & spelling of CVC word family words for word work! Print and go for morning work, literacy centers, independent work, homework, & small group work.


CVC Short Vowel Word Families included:

Short a: -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, and -at

Short e: -ed, -eg, -en, and -et

Short i: -id, -ig, -im, -in, -ip, and -it

Short o: -ob, -od, -og, -op, and -ot

Short u: -ub, -ud, -ug, -um, -un, and -ut.


14 NO PREP Activities for each CVC Short Vowel Word Family:

  • Word Family House (Trace & Read)
  • Say It, Tap It, Read It, Write It (Word mapping for orthographic mapping)
  • Sound It Out (Spell to a Picture w/ word mapping)
  • Color the Sound (Beginning Sounds – Onset)
  • Write the Letter (Spell Beginning Sounds – Onset)
  • Roll-and-Spell (Roll Trace and Spell)
  • Dot…For Real (Read, Spell & Learn Vocabulary)
  • Let’s Draw (Read and Learn Vocabulary)
  • Word Family Sentences (Read and spell to complete sentences w/ word family)
  • Let’s Connect (Word Family word to picture)
  • Word Lists for Reading Fluency (Multisensory Reading of words)
  • Phrases for Fluency (Reading fluency)
  • I Can Read (Single-word reading and decodable passage oral reading)
  • Dictation (spelling sheets)
“WOW! This is a great resource and a well kept secret. Removes stress of lower learners and makes it fast and fun for all.”
Rory G. (February 22, 2023): Extremely satisfied
“Thank you for creating a comprehensive resource without all the fluff!  I know I can use any page from this and my students will be engaged in their learning.  THANK YOU!”

Thank you for your interest in the resources of Orton Gillingham Mama! 

Orton Gillingham Mama is a Fellow-in-Training and member of The Orton Gillingham Academy at the Certified Level, a certified Dyslexia Practitioner through the International Dyslexia Association, and a certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) through ALTA.


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