The Ultimate Reading Game for Orton Gillingham


If you teach reading and spelling, this is a must-have phonics game for you!  Your students will be so engaged in the phonics game that they won’t realize they are reviewing their phonics reading and spelling skills!  With words and sentences for 25 phonics skills, you will have games for years to come!



The Ultimate Reading Game & Phonics Spelling Game by Orton Gillingham Mama

OVER 2,400 different words and 1,600 decodable phonics sentences in an engaging reading game format!!!

Create once and your students won’t even realize they are reading and spelling!

This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone looking for NO PREP reading and spelling games to support their phonics lesson plans.

Easy to Play Phonics Game:

Student rolls a die and moves that many spaces on the board.  He follows the direction on the space to read or spell a word or sentence.  But watch out for those crazy “skip a turn” or “Go back 3” spaces…your students will love those!

This Phonics Game bundle includes the following 25 Phonics Skills:


Beginning blends

Digraphs ch, sh, wh, th

Welded sounds ng/nk

Silent e

Kind Old Words




Vowel y /e/ y /i/

Soft c and soft g

4 syllable types: closed, open, Vowel Team and Silent e

R-controlled syllable

ck, tch, dge

Three Sounds of -ed

Three Great Spelling Rules

Cle Syllable

-tion, -tion, -cian

Long a spellings

Long e spellings

Long o spellings

Long i spellings

au, aw, augh, ough



Alternative Ways to use the Phonics Game Cards:

-BINGO and GO Fish: just make two copies of each page and you are ready to go!

-Sorting activities

-Paragraph building with the sentences

-Grammar instruction and sorts with the individual words and with the sentences!

-And detailed instructions on how to make the ULTIMATE ORTON Game too!

This set can be used in so many ways to suit your needs. The format is not distracting to students and the set can be used over and over again!! **Printing in landscape mode it best for this product.


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Orton Gillingham Mama is a Fellow-in-Training and member of the Orton Gillingham Academy at the Certified Level, a certified Dyslexia Practitioner through the International Dyslexia Association and a certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) through ALTA.


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