Structured Literacy Assessment of Phonics & Phonological Awareness


A NO PREP science of reading assessment that covers phonological awareness, phonics reading and spelling, comprehension, and writing.  This is all that you will need to assess, monitor, and start instruction with your students!


Need ONE Structured Literacy Assessment to assess your students’ phonics and phonological awareness skills? This resource contains all the materials needed to accurately assess your students, track their progress, and present the information in a professional manner.

There is a full pre-assessment (FORM A) and corresponding post-assessment (FORM B) so that you can track progress from the beginning of the year to the end.

Pre-Assessment and Post Assessment for skills:

-Phonological awareness (rhyming, blending, segmenting, deleting, and isolating at the sentence, word, syllable, and phoneme levels)

-Word reading


-Nonsense word reading

-High frequency word reading

-Letter identification

-Letter writing

-Oral reading and fluency (several stories at different levels with WPM are included!)


-Written expression

The packet also includes an intake form to keep track of important medical, school, and parent information for each of your students.

What do we do with all this great information? I have included two examples of Summary of Language Evaluations and blank forms for you to use with your students. This is a fantastic format to share your Structured Literacy Assessment results with parents and other educators. It is clear, succinct, and gives you a road map for where to start Day 1 with your student.

This can be used by tutors, reading specialists, language coaches, classroom teachers, and home school teachers. This one set of assessments will give you all you need for starting your instruction.

Questions about this Structured Literacy Assessment product?

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