Phonics Game – Spot & Match BUNDLE


These Spot and Match phonics reading games are a highly engaging way to get your students reading the right way and improve reading fluency! Your students will beg to play these phonics games over and over!  The games cover three skills including CVC words , Vce Words, and Digraphs!

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A must-have phonics game bundle by Orton Gillingham Mama!!

Read, Spot, & Match the CVC cards, Silent e and digraphs cards for reading automaticity & reading fluency. Your students will beg to read words and find a match in this engaging phonics reading game.
There is always ONE matching word between any two cards, so players must decode each word carefully to find the right match.
Words are printed in different colors, shapes, and sizes so that students truly learn to orthographically map each word!

This Reading Fluency Spot and Match Phonics Game bundle includes:

  • 171 words total (57 words in each set)
  • 162 Spot and Match cards (54 cards in each set)
  • Reproducible Spelling mats
  • Spot and Match covers for each set

Phonics Skills Included:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • Short i
  • Short o
  • Short u
  • CVC words
  • sh words
  • ch words
  • th words
  • wh words
  • long a words
  • long i words
  • long o words
  • long u words


2 ways to Play: A fast-paced game and a go-at-your-own speed game!

Game 1: Spot and Match: Fast-paced!

Players try and find the word pair that matches between each set of cards.

TO WIN: The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!


Game 2: Vowel/Digraph Victory: No time limit…take your time!!

Players take turns finding the word pair that matches between a set of cards. They spell the word under the correct header.

TO WIN: The player who completes a column of spelling first wins!



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