Sink That Ship- A Phonics Game


120 NO PREP Sink That Ship game boards!  Your students will love reading words with the target phonics skill while battling their opponent in the open seas!  Can they sink all the ships while reading the words aloud?  Only one way to find out!



120 phonics games to engage ALL your students! PLUS, a link to an editable, blank Sink That Ship template (link on the last page).

Players read words in hopes of sinking their opponent’s ships. Endless fun with partners and your students won’t even know they are practicing their reading!! Sink That Ship is the PERFECT game for your classroom!

Almost NO PREP!!! Just print, gather manipulatives (whatever you have on hand!) and let your students play.

Includes games for almost ALL PHONICS skillsReal and nonsense word game boards included to reinforce specific phonics skills. Check out all the skills included in the Table of Contents in the Preview file.

Aligns perfectly with my best-selling Word Lists (Real & Nonsense)!!!

My students love this game! It’s so easy to print and use. The variety of concepts in this one resource is astonishing, from simple CVC words to words with TION. Definitely recommend this one!
Stop! look no further, this game is easy to understand, easy to play, and more importantly it kept my student engaged the whole time we played it. So much so he took it home to play at home as extra review. It has so many boards you will never be short of choice. Thank you so much!!!


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