Sight Words & High Frequency Words Activities


Teach your students how to read and spell high frequency words so they all become sight words.  Follow these step-by-step instructions and scope and sequence to add these high frequency words and irregular words to your phonics lessons.  Then review the words with engaging games and activities!


How to Teach High Frequency Words to be Sight Words

446-pages of high frequency words & Irregular words scope and sequence, sight words teaching practice pages, & sight word activities. Using word mapping, these sight word activities help turn any high frequency word into a sight word to improve spelling & word reading fluency!

This sight word bundle focuses on the PHONEMES first and then attaching the correct letter(s) to the individual phonemes. This is how the science of reading says students should learn and store sight words for efficient word reading.


  • 3 – High Frequency Word Scope & Sequences – broken down by spelling pattern, syllable type, and regular, irregular, and temporarily irregular!
  • Step-by-step procedures for teaching high frequency words, irregular words, & sight words
  • High Frequency Word List (190 words) w/ # of Sounds
  • Heart Word Mastery Sheet
  • TWO sets of New Information activity practice pages for each High Frequency Word
  • Elkonin Boxes
  • High Frequency Word Templates
  • Phoneme grapheme mapping
  • High Frequency Word Games and Extension Activities
  • High Frequency Words Flashcards (to use with the extension activities)
  • The “why” behind each irregular spelling. Have your students ever asked you why there is a silent e at the end of give? Or, why the word of is pronounced the way it is? This bundle will explain all those types of questions!

How to Use:

  • Teach the high frequency words as part of the spelling pattern of your phonics lesson.
  • Find the targeted spelling pattern on the sequence and this resource will provide you with all associated high frequency words.
  • Follow the steps included to teach the irregular parts of the word so students master them for reading and spelling.
  • The scope and sequences can be used to support ANY phonics curriculum!
  • *Includes the 190 most common Fry and Dolch High Frequency Words!

The whole sight words practice set is NO PREP and ready to use today.


“This is an amazing resource for teaching kids to spell different heart words. I still use this to support learners orthographic mapping both as whole class and small group.”

Jenna R. (March 14, 2021): Extremely satisfied

“I love utilizing orthographic mapping in my classroom and this resource made that even easier. I was able to use this with my small groups and one-on one. I have seen amazing results in student sight word recognition after utilizing this resource.”


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How to Teach (& Master!) Sight Words in 5 Minutes a Day!

If you want to learn even MORE about how to teach sight words and use them in context you will LOVE my sight words mini course. Take your instruction to a whole new level with a high frequency words scope and sequence, no prep teaching templates, an easy to follow 3-step method, and explanations of the “why” behind all the irregular words. This is a course every teacher should take! Click here to learn more!

An Online Course How to Teach High Frequency Words and Sight Words

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