How to Teach (& Master!) Sight Words in 5 Minutes a Day


Learn how to effectively teach high frequency words to be sight words AND save time while doing it!  Add a year-long sight words scope and sequence to your instruction so you will have a plan for success!  This course is a must-have for any elementary school teacher, reading specialist or homeschooling parent.


Sight Words Course by Orton Gillingham Mama

If you work with elementary school students, this is a must-have sight words course for you! Stop feeling confused and overwhelmed with sight words and high frequency words. Dive in with me to transform your understanding of these words and how to effectively teach them by:

  • Looking at outdated approaches for teaching high frequency words
  • Learning how the brain stores ALL words
  • Finally understanding the difference between confusing terminology like irregular words, sight words, high frequency, and regular words!
  • Re-organizing your high frequency words to align with what you are already teaching
  • Following a proven 3-step framework to effectively teach high frequency words
  • Learning the crucial, missing piece to your instruction that will lead to mastery
  • Integrating engaging activities that help your students master words as sight words

…and all of this to save YOU time!

An Online Course How to Teach High Frequency Words and Sight Words

Sight Words Course Modules:

Intro Module:

Learn how to shift your thinking about high frequency words and how to effectively teach them.

  • Consider outdated approaches to teaching high frequency words
  • Learn how the brain stores ALL words for automatic recall
  • Discover the missing piece to your instruction that can lead to mastery of high frequency words


Module #1:

Learn the new 3-step POP framework to teach all high frequency words and irregular words to become sight words.

  • Learn the 3- steps to the POP Method: Phonics, Organize, Process
  • Tackle confusing terminology around sight words
  • Rethink how you will teach high frequency words within the curriculum and skills you are already teaching!


Module #2:

In this module, I will teach you how to organize your high frequency words to the phonics skills you already teach.

  • Follow my no-prep high frequency word Scope and Sequence
  • Use my HFW scope and sequence to align the high frequency words and irregular words you need to teach to your phonics curriculum and sequence.
  • Walk away with a year-long plan to integrate high frequency words into your phonics instruction.


Module #3:

Learn the exact 5-minute process for teaching any irregular word to your students!

  • Follow my easy-to-follow framework to turn irregular words into sight words.
  • Use this Words that POP process to help your students connect the word’s sounds, letters, and meaning.
  • Dive into the many review resources I have provided you for morning work, homework, and small group work. The planning is done for you!
Also included:
  • 190 no prep teaching templates
  • a High Frequency word scope and sequence
  • 22 review games and activities
  • Step-by-step framework for teaching irregular words
  • The “why” behind irregular words


If you are interested in this course, follow this link to my Stan Store and ENROLL HERE!


M. Preslar (2nd grade teacher): “I truly think what I have learned from this course will empower and catapult not only my instruction, but more importantly, my students’ learning and understanding of these HFWs. You also provided me with a WEALTH of many, varied activities I can implement in my classroom TOMORROW!”

K. Orsinger (Reading Specialist): “This course was so helpful and I see it being so beneficial for ALL my students! The best part is it will be easy to implement. Thank you! I think all teachers should take this course so they can truly understand why certain words are taught and how to create the patterns for the students to master. Thank you!”

M. Irwin (Kindergarten teacher): “Wow! Not only did this course give me a better understanding of how to teach sight words, it also helped me map out my entire curriculum for the school year. Now, I feel confident about how to teach these words and in what order. I would recommend this course to EVERY elementary school teacher!”



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