Phonological Awareness Curriculum, Assessment, & 1-Minute Drills


The science of reading tells us phonemic awareness plays a crucial role in our students’ reading success.  If you need a NO PREP, yearlong Phonemic awareness Curriculum and Assessment, this resource is for you!  There are over 400 days of print-and-go phonological awareness one-minute drills to reach all your students’ needs!


400 days of Phonological Awareness lessons AND Pre and Post PA Assessments of phonological awareness skills. The curriculum starts with the most simple PA skills and ends with the most complex. JUST PRINT-AND-GO!

The science of reading tells us that phonemic awareness is a CRUCIAL component of a student’s reading success.  We must assess our students’ phonemic awareness and provide instruction when needed!  The exercises in this resource are engaging and easy to use.  And did I mention, there is ZERO prep?!

To learn more about phonemic awareness, check out this blog post.

SKILLS in the Phonological Awareness Curriculum:

Word Level:

Rhyming discrimination

Rhyming production

Segmenting sentences

Segmenting compound words

Blending compound words

Syllable Level:




Onset-Rime Level:





Phoneme Level:





If you want to keep track of student errors, there is also room for teacher notes on each page. You can use the curriculum whichever way works best for you! Some pages include 6 days worth of lessons and other pages can be broken into two separate days worth of activities.


The easy-to-follow Phonological Awareness lesson plans can be used with:

Distance learning via computer


Small -group

One-on-one tutoring

Ideas for multisensory differentiation within each skill are provided as well. This curriculum is everything you need to reach all of your students!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at BEFORE purchasing. I will reply to you in a timely manner.

Thank you for your interest in this Phonological Awareness Assessment by Orton Gillingham Mama!

Orton Gillingham Mama is a Fellow-in-Training and Certified member of OGA, a certified Dyslexia Practitioner through the International Dyslexia Association and a certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) through ALTA.

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