Phonics Sort Bundle


This 551-page phonics sort bundle elevates your students’ reading and spelling with engaging multisensory sorts and activities. Sort and spell with syllables, grammar, and phonics!  These no prep phonics worksheets will be the perfect addition to your reading and spelling instruction!



Phonics Sorts by Orton Gillingham Mama

Phonics sorts are the best way to solidify phonics skills & engage your students in their learning! These 501 pages of no prep phonics worksheets & activities are the perfect addition to your phonics, reading, & spelling instruction. This is a great phonics sort bundle for morning work, partner work & independent work time!

This phonics sort bundle addresses several strands of the reading rope such as decoding, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and semantics. This all-in-one resource is a must-have for any elementary school teacher!

Phonics Skills:


Short a & Short e

Short e & Short i

Short o & Short u

Short a & Long a

Short e & Long e

Short i & Long i

Short i & Long i Homophones

Short o & Long o

Short u & Long u

Short Vowel & Long Vowels

Kind Old Words



ch & sh

ck & k

ch & tch

ng & nk

Hard & Soft c

Hard & Soft g

dge & ge

Two Sounds of s



ai & ay

ee & ea

o_e & oa

ai, ee, & oa

i_e. igh, & y

u_e & oo

ew & ue

oi & oy

Two Sounds of oo

Two sounds of ow

ou & ow

au & aw



Two Sounds of ar

Two Sounds of or

R-Controlled (er, ir, ur)

Three Sounds of ear

Three Sounds of –ed

Doubling Rule

Drop e Rule

y to i Rule

-tion and –sion


20 Sorting Activities for Each Phonics Skill:

  • Multisensory phoneme sort with pictures
  • Picture Sort & Spell
  • Color, Read, & Sort
  • Cut & Sort Multisensory Sort
  • Sort It Out
  • Read, Color, & Sort with Sentences
  • Real or Nonsense popcorn Sort
  • Spelling Roll-a-Word
  • Spelling Board Game
  • Spinner Time Spelling (4 phonics patterns)
  • Spinner Time Spelling (3 phonics patterns)
  • Spinner Time Spelling (2 phonics patterns)
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Read & Draw for Vocabulary
  • Multisensory Movement Sorts
  • 8 versions of Syllable Sorts
  • 5 versions of Grammar Sorts
  • Let’s Write
  • Bingo (3×4)
  • Bingo (4×4
  • Bingo 4×5)
  • Bingo (5×5)

Syllable Sorts:

552 word cards to sort by the 6 syllable types!


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