Phonics Rules – How to Teach Spelling w/ Orton Gillingham


62 Phonics interactive notebook recording sheets. Keep all your new phonics information organized, accessible, and engaging with these print-and-go pages!

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Student Binder Phonics Rules Recording Sheets:

The Phonics Interactive Student Notebook & Teaching Guide: 62 pages of phonics spelling rules, syllable types, and syllable division rules!! Explicit and systematic instruction of phonics rules & spelling patterns that follow the science of reading.
Make a copy for each of your student’s notebooks and your students can add to it each time you introduce a new concept.

All Strands of Reading on Phonics Rules Notebook Sheets:

  • phoneme-grapheme correspondence
  • checkpoints for spelling
  • word examples to code and read
  • spaces for spelling
  • writing
  • vocabulary
  • a picture of each skill for your visual learners
  • a verbal mnemonic for the auditory learners
  • Questions for the student to answer
  • Extension activities for each skill

This INTERACTIVE phonics recording sheet is all you need as you introduce new phonics skills!

The following phonics skills are included:

1. Concept of a syllable

2. Closed Syllable

3. VC’CV Syllable Division

4. FSZL (Fuzzy Zebra) Rule

5. H-Brothers Digraphs

6. Beginning Blends

7. Final Blends (including -ng and -nk)

8. -ck Rule

9. Silent e/Vce

10. Vowel Team Syllable

11. ee and ea

12. ai and ay

13. oa

14. -tch

15. oi and oy

16. VCV Syllable Division

17. Open Syllable

18. Vowel y

19. Soft c and g

20. R-Controlled Syllable

21. -dge

22. Kind Old Words

23. Three Sounds of -ed

24. Medial y

25. 1-1-1 Doubling Rule

26. Silent e (Drop) Rule

27. Change y to i Spelling Rule

28. igh

29. Silent Letter combinations

30. Consonant-le Syllable

31. Two Sounds of oo

32. Schwa

33. ow /o/

34. ou and ow

35. oe

36. ey

37. Two Spellings of /oo/ (ew and ue)

38. -tion

39. -sion

40. au and aw

41. 2-1-1 Doubling Rule

42. V’V Syllable Division Rule



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