Phonics Reading Game Bundle – PIG


Finally a phonics reading game your students will BEG to play! Students read words on the cards as they try to gather the most phonics cards.  Will they play it safe or risk it all?!  You will have to find out. 🙂


A Phonics Reading Game Bundle by Orton Gillingham Mama

Your students will master word recognition & reading fluency with these engaging phonics reading games called PIG. Each phonics reading game can be played individually, or you can mix them together for even more review! With over 1200 cards to read, your students will love either playing it safe or taking a risk for just one more card. It is perfect for one-on-one Orton Gillingham tutoring, a small group, or as part of a center.

A Guilt-Free Reading Game:

Your students will enjoy playing these games so much that they won’t even realize they are practicing their phonics skills!

16 PIG Phonics Reading Games including:

Short a

Short e

Short i

Short o

Short u


Digraphs (h brothers)

nk and ng

Silent e

Vowel Teams

Beginning Blends

Final Blends

ar and or

Doubling and Drop e


Soft c and soft g

A guiding principle of Orton Gillingham is review. This game provides review of many phonemes and spelling rules in an engaging, fun format for you and your students. They are my most requested games by my students!

Read as many words with the given phoneme as you can in one turn before you turn over a PIG! card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. I know your students will beg for this game as often as my students do!




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