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These 42 phonics posters are the perfect visual to help your students solidify the new phonics skill. Add them to your classroom or student binders!  You and your students will refer back to them often!

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42 Phonics Posters/Anchor Charts by Orton Gillingham Mama

Anchor the phonics spelling patterns w/ these 42 phonics posters for all the spelling/syllable rules!! Each phonics poster includes a picture and a memorable mnemonic phrase. Help your students master phonics spelling rules with these eye-catching anchor chart posters!

Print a copy of these for your classroom or student binders and give your students the multisensory instruction of new material that they need! They can be used in any order and will follow any sequence!

Phonics Poster Skills:

1. Concept of a syllable

2. Closed Syllable

3. VC’CV Syllable Division

4. FSZL (Fuzzy Zebra) Rule

5. H-Brothers Digraphs

6. Beginning Blends

7. Final Blends

8. -ck Rule

9. Silent e/Vce

10. Vowel Team Syllable

11. ee and ea

12. ai and ay

13. oa

14. -tch

15. oi and oy

16. VCV Syllable Division

17. Open Syllable

18. Vowel y

19. Soft c and g

20. R-Controlled Syllable

21. -dge

22. Kind Old Words

23. Three Sounds of -ed

24. Medial y

25. 1-1-1 Doubling Rule

26. Silent e (Drop) Rule

27. Change y to i Spelling Rule

28. igh

29. Silent Letter combinations

30. Consonant-le Syllable

31. Two Sounds of oo

32. Schwa

33. ow /o/

34. ou and ow

35. oe

36. ey

37. Two Spellings of /oo/ (ew and ue)

38. -tion

39. -sion

40. au and aw

41. 2-1-1 Doubling Rule

42. V’V Syllable Division Rule



These phonics posters pair perfectly with my Orton Gillingham Syllable and Spelling Rules Recording Sheets for Student Binders.



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