Phonics Worksheets – Reading Comprehension, Fluency, & Vocabulary


Phonics worksheets for the whole year Kindergarten through 2nd grade!!  Engaging print-and-go worksheets for homework and centers. Such a time-saver and aligns with the science of reading.


Yearlong Phonics Worksheets

Need NO PREP phonics worksheets for activities, homework, morning work, and Literacy center ideas that align with the science of reading?  This 300+ page phonics worksheet resource has your planning covered FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR!


For EACH phonics skill you will have:

  • 10 print-and-go phonics activity worksheets
  • 2 distinct phonics word lists
  • At-home instructions checklist for parents
  • Variety of phonics activities including sound blending, sound isolation, reading fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence reading, sentence writing, and reading comprehension


Over THIRTY different types of Phonics and Science of Reading activities including:

  • Phoneme Blending
  • Change the Sound
  • Write the Letter (Beginning)
  • What is at the End?
  • Color the Vowel
  • Say It, Tap It, Write It, Read It
  • Sound it Out
  • Trace, Write & Read
  • Color the Sound
  • Let’s Connect (Word to picture)
  • Match It (list of 3 words to picture)
  • Spell It Out (to a picture)
  • Picture This
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Word Sort (long or short)
  • Word dictation
  • Roll and Read
  • Roll and Spell
  • Memory
  • Draw a Sentence
  • Fluency Grid
  • Write Your Own Sentences
  • Look Alike Word Sentences
  • Missing Punctuation
  • Vocabulary semantic map
  • Antonyms
  • Comic Strip
  • Fill in the Blank Sentences
  • Would you Rather?


19 Phonics Skills including:

  • Short a
  • Short e
  • Short i
  • Short o
  • Short u
  • CVC
  • FSZL
  • ch
  • sh
  • th
  • wh
  • Beg Blends
  • Final Blends
  • ck
  • nk
  • ng
  • tch
  • Silent e
  • dge

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Wow!  This resource did not disappoint.  There are engaging phonics worksheets that I can use in the classroom and send home.  Parents are happy and so am I.  What a time-saver.  THANK YOU! 

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