Orton Gillingham Lesson Plans, Decodables LEVEL 1 BUNDLE


32 NO PREP Orton Gillingham Lesson Plans and Decodable Readers for Level 1 of the Orton Gillingham scope and sequence.  A must-have for any Orton Gillingham tutor to help individualize your lesson plans to the needs of your students.


Orton Gillingham Lesson Plans & DECODABLE PASSAGES aligned with the science of reading!

This bundle includes completed Orton Gillingham lesson plans and 32 decodable passages for each phonics skill in the Orton Gillingham scope and sequence Level 1. Your students can read straight from the Orton Gillingham lesson plans and decodable readers. No assembly required!

Great for extra word lists, sentences, decodables, sub plans, added review, and MORE!

NEW! Editable lesson planning templates and student recording sheets!

Orton Gillingham Decodable Passages for Short Vowels

  1. ALL STORIES include READING COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS Choose the one-page format or book form:
    • 32 colorful and engaging decodable books for emergent and early readers. Each 8-page book builds upon the previous book to include all skills in Level 1 of the Orton Gillingham approach. **See all skills included below.
    • 32 corresponding one-page versions of the printable, decodable books described above. You print out a copy of these to have for all of your students to read if you don’t want to use the book format.
    • Teachers can use the one-page versions to track errors, to use as paired readings, or to have options for your students!

Science of Reading: Combining language and decoding for reading comprehension!

Each of the 32 stories includes reading comprehension questions to keep your students engaged and on track with comprehension. These include Common Core standards like illustrating, details, characters, setting, inference, and more!

There is little to NO PREPNO CUTTING REQUIRED! Just print the books double-sided (my printer says “Print on both sides, Flip sheets on short edge), fold, and your student is ready to read. You can print the decodable books in color or black and white. If you want to ensure the pages stay together, you can staple the center.

Orton Gillingham Lesson Plans:

This set of 33 COMPLETE Orton Gillingham lesson plans includes a pre-written lesson for each of the phonemes, syllable types, and syllable division rules introduced in Level 1 of the Orton Gillingham scope and sequence.

These lesson plans are intended to give those trained in the Orton Gillingham approach word lists and sentence suggestions for the review section and new information parts of a lesson. Use parts of these lessons to complete your own individualized lessons!

If you follow the Orton Gillingham lesson plan from top to bottom, it will include:

  • Space for a warm-up drill
  • Auditory-visual drill (a key component to every Orton Gillingham lesson!)
  • Space for Phonological Awareness (depending on the needs of your student)
  • Review words to read and spell using the same phonemes from the auditory-visual drill
  • Review sentences to read and spell
  • a New Information skill
  • New information words and sentences to read and spell
  • Space to fill in oral reading, grammar, written expression, and a wrap-up.

Phonics Skills:

Closed syllable (and all of the short vowels)

VCCV syllable division rule

FSZL rule





Initial blends



Final blends











VCV syllable division rule

Open Syllable

y /i/

y /e/

Soft c

Soft g


s /z/




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