Nonfiction Decodable Readers – Blends & Digraphs


Follow the science of reading by using these 30 nonfiction decodable passages to practice decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and phonics!  Graphic organizers, comprehension questions, and spelling sheets are included to extend your students’ learning even more!


Nonfiction Decodable Passages – Blends & Digraphs

Do your students love nonfiction stories?  Do you want to save time and practice phonics with comprehension?  Then these nonfiction decodable readers are for you! Secure reading fluency with these decodable nonfiction reading comprehension passages. Expertly weave together phonics, reading comprehension, decoding, reading fluency, vocabulary, & spelling instruction!

Each Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passage has two versions:

Text 1: A shorter, more controlled, decodable story.

Text 2: A slightly more complex set of words and longer in length. BOTH: Same engaging reading comprehension questions that address all areas of the reading rope. DIFFERENTIATION MADE EASY!

So, 15 Decodable Reading Comprehension Passages, (30 passages in all!!)

Also included in the Nonfiction Decodable Readers:

  • Comprehension questions for each story
  • NO PREP Spelling sheets for each phonics skill
  • 14 nonfiction graphic organizers to extend your students’ learning even more
  • Blends & Digraphs Journal Cover

Phonics Skills Covered:

  • sh (beginning)
  • sh (ending)
  • sh
  • ch (beginning)
  • ch (ending)
  • ch
  • ch
  • th
  • -ck
  • VC’CV
  • Beginning Blends
  • -ng
  • -ng
  • -nk
  • Final Blends


I used to spend HOURS looking on the internet for quality nonfiction stories for my students to read.  Now that I know about the science of reading, I also want to address reading comprehension and use decodable stories.  When I found this nonfiction decodable set I was thrilled. It has exceeded my expectations!!!  I love how there are two versions for every story.  That make small group reading much easier to differentiate and scaffold. I highly recommend this set of decodable readers by Orton Gillingham Mama!”
Such a great review for kids struggling to master these digraphs!


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Orton Gillingham Mama is a Fellow-in-Training and member of the Orton Gillingham Academy at the Certified Level, a certified Dyslexia Practitioner through the International Dyslexia Association and a certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) through ALTA.


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