Decodable Readers w/ Comprehension – Vowel Teams


18 engaging decodable passages with reading comprehension questions included!  Skills include (but are not limited to) vowel teams, consonant-le, schwa, and suffixes.  Print-and-go with these decodable passages!

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18 Phonics Decodable Readers with reading comprehension questions in one-page format.

Help teach your child to read with these phonics based decodable readers w/ comprehension questions. Engaging storylines and comprehension questions will help your students master reading and reading comprehension.

Science of Reading: Combining language & decoding for reading comprehension!  Each of the 18 decodable readers includes reading comprehension questions to keep your students engaged and on track with comprehension. These include Common Core standards like illustrating, details, characters, setting, inference, and more!

The Decodable Readers w/ Comprehension Questions cover the following phonics skills in order:

Consonant –le and -stle

oo (boot) and oo (foot)


ow /ō/, oe /ō/, ough /ō/

ou /ou/ and ow /ou/

ie /ī/

ea /ĕ/

ou (soup) and ui (juice)

ie /ē/, ei /ē/, and ey /ē/

war and wor (worm)

ue (blue), eu (feud), and ew (grew)

eigh /ā/ and ey /ā/

-tion, -sion, -cian


au, aw, augh, ough

2-1-1 Rule

V/V syl. Division




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