Complete Guide to Syllable Division & Schwa – Multisensory Worksheets & Posters


A complete teaching guide to syllable division and schwa. Over 160 pages of multisensory worksheets and posters for reading & spelling success!  Teach your students the rules of syllable division and schwa to create expert word detectives!

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Teaching syllable division rules & schwa can unlock the secrets to reading fluency and spelling success! Follow these engaging NO PREP teaching guides, visual posters, & multisensory syllable division & schwa worksheets for phonics mastery!

124 pages of Syllable Division Worksheets and Guides:

  • Teacher Guides
  • Student Notebook Recording Sheets
  • Interactive Practice Worksheets
  • Decodable Sentences
  • Decodable Passages
  • Blank Syllable Division Templates
  • Syllable division Word Lists
  • Includes practice with 2-syllable, 3-syllable, and 4-syllable words!


Syllable Division Patterns:

  • VC’CV
  • V’CV
  • VC’V
  • Cle
  • V’V


Schwa Activities:

  • Schwa Poster/Anchor chart
  • Schwa Teaching guide
  • Word list by vowel
  • Call the Word to Dinner (to find the accented syllable)
  • Multisensory syllable moving
  • Syllable matching and combining
  • Sort the words by schwa vowel
  • Syllable division & Code the Schwa
  • Draw & Connect: Picture to schwa word
  • Schwa spelling sort
  • Schwa Fluency Grid
  • Schwa Roll n Read
  • Schwa board game
  • Fluency Sentences
  • Sentence Spelling
  • Schwa decodables

A must-have resource for Orton Gillingham, small group instruction, reading, spelling, and phonics!


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