Blending Sounds Card Deck


A Blending sounds card deck is a must-have, multisensory resource for blending sounds together as a decoding strategy and to improve reading fluency. 153 pages of small and classroom size blending cards (in black and white and color).  Lots of low-prep options for you!

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Blending Sounds Card Deck by Orton Gillingham Mama

Transform your students’ sound blending, decoding strategies, word reading, & reading fluency with these phoneme blending sound cards. Bring a multisensory Orton Gillingham approach to word reading to help your students decode words and learn phonics patterns.

How to Use the Blending Deck:

  1. When first blending, encourage your student to tap each card as he says aloud the sound.
  2. Then ask him to blend the sounds together as he tracks underneath the cards with his finger.
  3. Change only one card at a time.
  4. Start with keeping the vowel constant and changing a consonant on either side.
  5. Add in beginning blends and then final blends as your student progresses.

118 phonics skills including:

  • ALL beginning blends
  • ALL ending blends
  • Consonants
  • Digraphs
  • Diphthongs
  • Vowels

TWO sizes of Blending Sounds Card Decks INCLUDED!

  • A large classroom set (5.25 x 8.25″)
  • A smaller individual set (2.75 x 4″)

TWO versions of Blending Sounds Card Decks INCLUDED!

  • A black & white version
  • A color-coded version



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