A Little About Me

First and foremost, I am a proud mama. But who says you have to stop at just one passion? I also have a love for all things related to Structured Literacy and the Orton Gillingham approach. So, I am Orton Gillingham Mama. Nice to meet you!

I have worn many hats in education.  I have been a private Orton tutor, I have worked as a director at an elementary school, I have lead a board of phenomenal women on the NC International Dyslexia Association board, I received my master’s in special education as an adult, I help support/train fellow Orton Gillingham tutors, and I create engaging resources to help all teachers implement Structured Literacy approaches.

I am a self-proclaimed “word nerd” and love learning about reading!

It’s an exciting time to be in education and I want to share current research, articles, videos, books, games, activities, etc. to help other educators learn about structured literacy.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Our students deserve the best of us and I hope that you will continue to learn alongside me for their benefit.

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