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You finished your classroom Structured Literacy assessments?  So, now what??  First of all, pat yourself on the back for completing the assessments. That information will be invaluable in guiding your instruction!  But how do you organize all that data, so you know where to go next?  I recommend you synthesize all the data into one Assessment to Instruction Form.

Structured Literacy Assessment Components

As the science of reading tells us, there is more to reading than just phonics (although that is a crucial element!).  We also need to explicitly teach and assess all areas of:

Phonemic awareness


Language comprehension



In an earlier blog post on Assessing Reading, I outlined all the important parts of a comprehensive Structured Literacy Assessment.  Whether you use one comprehensive assessment like my Structured Literacy Assessment to address all those areas, or you gather data from several assessments, you need ONE place to compile all the data.  I created this FREE Assessment to Instruction Form to help you do just that! 

Free Assessment to Instruction form to help organize your assessment data!
Assessment to Instruction Form

How to Use the Assessment to Instruction Form

  1. Create a copy of the form for each child you want to track for intervention. I recommend printing the resource double-sided.  No need to use up more paper than we need!
  2. After assessing your student, fill in the boxes with errors your student made on his assessments. You may choose to write in examples of errors, percentages, anecdotal notes, or whatever you like!
  3. You may not end up filling in each box, and that is okay!  This resource is meant to be adaptable to fit YOUR needs and the needs of YOUR students. 
  4. If your student did well in an area, you can leave it blank, add a check mark, or perhaps a smiley face. 🙂
  5. Once you have filled in the boxes, you will be able to quickly glance through and plan which areas to address in your intervention instruction.

I hope this Assessment to Instruction Form helps you organize your assessment data and saves you valuable time.  Thank you for all your work assessing and teaching your students.  I can’t wait to hear about their growth!

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